Through the proliferation of the ideas, writings and work which embody the best of visceral realism, the SPVR hopes to construct a critical memory of art of the contemporary moment, with two objectives: to oppose rhetoric and hegemonic forces which tend to mythologize the local-national while reinforcing and buttressing the corporatist model of cultural institutions; and to present the inadequacies of alternatives to the dominant museum model, which usually result in a second-rate simulacrum of the universalist myth of the original work presented as spectacle. There is only one road to real change, that of institutional rupture.

Working from the concept that there is no “public;” only “publics” consisting of specific and differentiated groups, our organization refuses to be a mere preservation group, and becomes an agitator of audiences interested in the subject of visceral realism. SPVR’s program is an active agent, spreading the potent ideas of leading Visceral Realists through experiences on a par with that of workshops, conferences, audiovisual activities, publications, political uprisings, etc. All of these experiences are defined by a series of discursive lines which lend thematic coherence.

Bruno Ferrer, SPVR Co-Chair
Bruno Ferrer served as a trade unionist labor organizer in Uruguay from 1985-92. From there, he served as an educator at the University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay for three years. In 1995, he was appointed to the position of Director of Education in the Ministry of Culture of Uruguay, where he served for two years. In 1996, he married Josephine Solar, a Visceral Realist enthusiast and niece of famous Argentine painter Xul Solar. In 1999, he moved to Buenos Aires, formerly joined the SPVR staff, and was promoted to the position of Secretary/Treasurer in 2000, and eventually became chair after besting the former chair in a wrestling match. Formerly educated as a linguist, in his spare time he invents imaginary languages with vowel-based vocabularies and coherent syntaxes.

Alfonso Delgado, SPVR Secretary/Treasurer
I worked as the assistant chief curator at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City for ten years. After I retired in 1994, I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I happened to attend discussions organized by Gustavo Raynal. After several heated arguments with Raynal about being an instrument for a corporatist museum enterprise, I refused to have anything to do with Visceral Realism until 2000, when I saw the Dark Heart Seminar exhibition which shook me to the core. Since then, I’ve gathered everything I can find on the work of the Visceral Realists for the purposes of establishing a comprehensive and accessible record of the important work they are doing.

About SPVR Website
The present configuration of the SPVR website is intended to serve three basic functions: to satisfy SPVR’s agitational needs in relation to its agenda of visceral realism, offer access to the Visceral Realist archives, and produce open discourse about SPVR’s activities. Our intention is for this digital medium, as it expands and develops, to offer a public forum for debate and rhetoric. Our ultimate goal is that this web page will help to construct a public digital sphere for institutional critique that takes us toward a movement for the dissolution of these structures.

The SPVR published the first version of this website in 2001. Since then it has undergone constant renovation of both image and concept. The present version is based on the work done in 2003 by Paul Genovese and Catalina Ducuron, directors of the project, and the Los Panaderos artists’ collective (Arturo Borges, Ana Grippo and Adrian Pettoruti), which undertook the creation of a graphic image and the development and execution of technical aspects.

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The SPVR allows unsigned texts to be reproduced in their entirety for non-commercial and/or commercial use as long as they are used towards the decline of corporatist institutions, and do not prejudice the interests of the SPVR. All other use is strictly forbidden.